When we think of house calls, we think of doctors riding a buggy to visit the house of the patient in the faraway lands. In the recent years, the number of house calls have increased as more people are realizing the benefits of being visited by the doctor instead of going to the hospital. Home Doctor Visits Fort Lauderdale leads to plenty of care opportunities for both doctors and patients.

The increase of availability of Home Doctor Visits Fort Lauderdale increases the quality of care while reducing costs in the treatment. It is an effective way for seniors, especially those who suffer from multiple chronic conditions, to receive the care they need in the comfort of their home. Patients and doctors are given more time to assess the home environment and not rely on institutionalized setting.

Doctors House Calls - House Call Doctor Palm Beach, Broward, Indian River, St. Lucie & Martin Counties, Florida.

Doctors House Calls: Primary Care In Your Own Environment

Sometimes it’s not easy, practical or even possible to get to a physician’s office. However, this should not prevent you from getting the health care and treatment you need and deserve. Doctors House Calls have over 20 years of home based primary care experience. We specialize in providing in home, one on one, medical care in the comfort of your home, office or hotel. Rest assured that our Home Doctor Visits Fort Lauderdale services will provide you quality healthcare even when not in the confines of a medical facility.

Doctors House Calls is your full service medical practice bringing the doctor’s office to you. We have doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners on staff. Our service area includes Broward, Palm Beach, Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin Counties in Florida. You’ll be treated in the comfort of your own home, assisted living or behavioral health facility for any problems, conditions, and/or injuries for which you would normally go to a primary-care physician. We can also provide medical care for minor emergencies, such as, flu, cough & colds, nausea, sprains, falls, and foreign bodies in the eye.

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With Home Doctor Visits Fort Lauderdale, the doctor has more time to conduct his physical examination, ask probing questions, and address your individual concerns. Get the medical attention you need without spending long waiting hours just to talk to a doctor. Contact Doctors House Calls now for more information.