Am I eligible for a mobile visit from Doctors house calls in my home?

Yes, if you have Medicare part B

What insurance does Doctors House Calls accept?

We accept Medicare PART B. Private pay options are also available

Will my insurance cover the visit?

Medicare will cover 80% of the allowed amount with the other 20% billed to the patient’s secondary insurer, the same as the physician’s office.

Does Doctors House Calls take Medicaid?

Not as the Primary insurance, it is accepted as a secondary to Medicare.

Does Doctors House Calls take private pay patients?

Yes. Rates start at $250.00 payable by cash, check or credit card.

How quickly can I schedule a mobile visit?

Home doctor visits can typically be scheduled within 24-48 hours (during the week) of receiving your call. However, there are some exceptions so please call Doctors House Calls to set up a exact schedule times.

How often will I receive a mobile visit/exam?

Our medical provider will create a plan with you for your overall management of health.

What if I need an urgent house call?

Our mobile healthcare services prevent many urgent needs by seeing patients on an appropriate follow-up basis. When needed, we can usually get to your home for urgent needs with 24-48 hours.

What mobile healthcare services do you offer?

We offer basically the same health care services you would receive in a doctor’s office setting including physical examinations, laboratory services, diagnostic testing and mobile x-ray.

What if I have to go to the hospital?

DHC works with all the local area hospitals and will continue your health care before, during and after your hospital stay.

What are your service hours?

9-5, Mon thru Fri. After hours and weekends can be arranged under special circumstances.

Can I still see my regular doctor?

Yes, Medicare beneficiaries have the right to choose the doctor of their choice at any time.

Do you come out for emergency visits?

We do not make emergency visits. If it’s an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. We are not a 911 service.

What types of patients qualify for Doctors House Calls In-Home Medical Service?

Any person, young or old, sick, injured, or otherwise unwell qualifies for our service.

Can Doctors House Calls become my primary care physician?

Yes. Primary care is our specialty, allowing for full service, in-home medical care and treatment.

Do you offer any other types of medical services?

Yes, history and physicals, sick call, employee physicals and Flu shots. We complete assisted-living form 1823 and skilled nursing form 3008. We also provide sport physicals for team sports.

Do I need to sign up for your service?

No, there are no forms or eligibility requirements. All you need to do is call Doctors House Calls at 888-606-0227 when you need a medical visit.

Do I have to give up the doctor I have been seeing for years?

Absolutely not. In fact, we regularly work with local physicians to provide care for patients who are temporarily homebound or for whom an office appointment is not readily available. On request, we provide physicians with a written report of each visit.

Do you take insurance?

Doctors House Calls accepts Medicare assignment and supplements. We also accept certain types of commercial medical insurance. Phone our office at 888-606-0227.

How do I arrange to be treated in my home?

Simply call our office at 888-606-0227 to arrange for a medical visit.

Who will come out to treat me?

Our provider team is comprised of state-licensed physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. All together, we have more than 100 years’ combined experience in primary care and emergency medicine. We will provide you with the name and credentials of the medical professional who is to provide your care.

What if I live in an assisted-living facility?

We routinely see patients at assisted living facilities throughout Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties. While most assisted-living residents use us as their source for primary care, we also see patients for urgent-care or minor emergencies.

What hours are available?

Standard office/visit hours are Monday through Friday, 8am – 5 pm. Evenings, weekends, and holiday visits are also available based on patient need and provider availability (convenience fees may apply for non-Medicare patients).

How do I schedule a visit?

Call us to learn more or to schedule a visit: 888-606-0227 | Our phone is answered 24/7 by a Doctors House Calls team member.