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Doctors House Calls have over 25 years of home-based primary care experience. We specialize in providing in home, one on one, medical care in the comfort of your home, office or hotel. Sometimes it’s not easy, practical or even possible to get to a physician’s office. However, this should not prevent you from getting the health care and treatment you need and deserve.

Traveling to your doctor can put you at risk. So why leave home?

Doctors House Calls specializes in primary care services and geriatric care management. We also take sick calls, treat minor injuries and much more! You do not have to change your primary care doctor to see us. We can be your ongoing primary care provider, or we can work with your existing physician.

We accept Medicare, private pay and most major insurances. No annual fees or contracts. Patients are not required to be homebound—we are here for your convenient, safe care.

Doctors House Calls is proud to announce

COVID-19 testing & vaccination
at your home.

Now offering in-home COVID-19 testing and vaccination covered by insurance, no preauthorization needed! We accept Humana and Aetna HMOs in addition to Medicare and most PPOs.

Learn more: COVID-19 Testing | COVID-19 Vaccination

Patient Testimonials

“LIFESAVERS! That’s what I have to say about Doctors House Calls. They were able to see my senior dad and provide him with a script, order labs, and order some tests he needed in an urgent matter. Thank you Doctor House Calls. I will recommend to everyone!”

“We call this service because our mom is a senior living in Florida. We live in NY so it’s hard for her to drive around and we don’t think it’s safe for her to do so. We are very happy with this medical service — a real godsend! Great service for seniors who can’t drive to the doctors office.”

“An affordable company right here that our family is happy to use for my mom, so she can get physician visits, x-rays, prescriptions, and other care without transporting her to the hospital or another doctor. Hard to find doctors that do home visits that work in conjunction with the patient’s primary care physician they already trust. I highly recommend Doctors House Calls.”

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No Hidden Costs. No Membership Fees.

We Accept Medicare Part B., Humana and Aetna HMOs and most PPOs, as well as Private Pay. Learn More →

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